Hurt Ends And Development Starts

In life we all have one thing in common, negative emotions. No matter what our socioeconomic status, race, age,or religion is we all know pain. Our children are no exception to that rule, as parents most of us would shield our children from all the pain that the world will bring throughout their lives but as we know that’s just not possible. Then what can we do? What options do we have?

We can educate ourselves and our children on productive and positive ways to deal with negative emotions that come up in our lives. Our goal here at HEADS is to do just that, to help parents develop a strategy to improve their communication and overall relationship with their children. Developing positive coping skills to deal with every day challenges.You are a great parent, that’s evident by the fact that you’re here, now let’s build on that!


Parental life coaching

Good parenting enables your kids to develop healthy confidence, determination, resilience, and strong emotional intelligence. Parental life coaching equips you with the necessary strategies and tools.

Your choice, their journey

This workshop focuses on key areas of your child’s life. In this workshop we work on 10 key areas here are a few. Trusting in yourself Building a positive support system Building real confidence.

Co-Parenting, focus on the kids

This workshop helps the parents of divided homes to effectively work together, despite divides that may exist. It presents individuals with tools to overcome some of the challenges of co-parenting.


He has developed programs that as a Clinical Psychologist I find very useful and valuable in helping clients achieve a new level of normalcy. I have personally adopted one such program in helping substance abuse patients in the hospital where I work and the response has been tremendous.

Marie Otons Clinical Psychologist

Matthew understands the dynamics of children with behavioral and emotional problems and he has helped others work through problems relating to childhood abuse/neglect; substance abuse; and poverty.” 

Stacia Westbrook Social Worker III State of Ohio

They have taken problems and challenges we have faced as a family and helped us to develop real life solutions that work for us. Life is challenging but learning how to connect with my grandchildren in new ways makes it a lot easier.

Twila Walker Grandmother of 5